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In an electronic; void space, traverse wires by jumping to lively sparks. Consistent build-ups in speed and difficulty challenges the player through their attempts to manoeuvre. Travel with your trusty companion, while maintaining exceptional performance levels to best the rest. Endeavour into musical awe as you experience intensity levels that power your mind.

Technical Requirements

System: Oculus Rift / Oculus Go

Input: Oculus Go / Oculus Rift Controller

The Team

Anthony Mitchell - Designer

Cameron Shepherd (Twitter) - Designer

Michael O'Driscoll - Programmer


Ben Ferreira - Aqua wire music tracks / SFX

Jonathan Jabbour - Yellow wire music tracks  / SFX

Christian Ruiz - Red wire music tracks  / SFX

Boro Stojanovski - Pink wire music tracks  / SFX

Xerlos - Orange wire music tracks  / SFX

Michael O'Driscoll - Voice Overs


Ginny Wu (Youtube) - Animation

NOTE: Build is not currently available

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