Avoid following what the man says, he lies.

Earn score in a simple arcade game, where difficulty increases overtime. 

-How To Play-

WASD To Move

Hold shift to sprint

Upon entering a path 3 times, a blockade will spawn, preventing access for 3 turns. After 3 turns the blockade will remove itself.

Avoid doing what the Liar says!

Created for Community Game Jam - 7 Day Length

Theme - The Game is a Liar

Created by - Anthony Mitchell

Social Media - https://twitter.com/AMitchell_Dev


Sneaksy - 205

ItsNotSimon - 158

xd_Insaain - 138


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Really nice and simple game.
I can see some more actions to do in the future.
Keep it rooling. :)
Btw: made it until 143


Awesome game, even got the highscore!;)


Very cool HS:138

Take a snip of it! I'll add you to the highscore list

Bruh I already closed it xD

(1 edit)

your highscore should still be saved when you open it back up


ok wait


done :) Nice work

Hey guys, if you want me to add your highscore to the itch page, just take a snip of your highscore as proof, and post it in the comments. The game should remember you highscore even if its been closed.


143 highscore haha

Wow nice work

(1 edit) (+1)

Pretty simple and nice game :)

Thanks heaps :)

245 new Highscore

245 no way! send me a screenshot and i'll add you to the leader board. The highscore should still be saved when you re-open the game


180 Highscore :)


My high score is 158!

Wow, Nice work! I'll add it to the scoreboard on the itch page :)